Reasons to switch to Oly M-5?

Started Jul 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
Yohan Pamudji Senior Member • Posts: 2,874
Re: Reasons to switch to Oly M-5?

jujubean10 wrote:

I currently have an Olympus E-P1. I need to justify my next purchase.

I'd love to come up with a list of great reasons to order the Olympus M-5. Help?

Need to justify it to yourself or to the accountant?

Significantly lower noise and larger dynamic range
Much faster AF
Built-in EVF
Much better screen with touch and tilt
Higher continuous framerate
Better image stabilization that shows before the shot and during video
Better video quality and options

Compatibility with hotshoe-mounted accessories like the macro light and external mic
Weather sealing and better build

I'm sure I'm missing something but that's plenty. E-P1 to E-M5 is a huge, huge step up.

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