Nikon's Series-E Primes Compared!

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Re: Nikon's Series-E Primes Compared!

Exactly, I read an article from someone explaining how it was pretty much impossible to make money off of eBay if you originally bought stuff from eBay . The real money is finding deals at yard sales/closeouts and reselling.

I went into getting these knowing I wasn't trying to make money off of them.

forpetessake wrote:

The great thing about old lenses on ebay is that one can use it as a cheap rental place It's even possible to have a small profit, though it might require more efforts and time than one is willing to spend, and you will be competing with a bunch of people who do that kind of trading for living.

El Matadurr wrote:

Elite83 wrote:

I stumbled upon your ebay auction without even know who the seller was. Then when I saw the username I was like "Oh! I know who that is!"

Hehe, prices negotiable. Just wanting to break even after eBay fees.

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