GH2 with Sigma 28mm F2.8-no IBIS should I change to E-M5?

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Re: ... should I change to E-M5?

Ulfric M Douglas wrote:

archdukeguacamole wrote:

I was out for an evening walk yesterday and took my GH2 with an old Sigma 28mm F2.8. I've included some samples that I am pleased with. However the rejection rate was quite high, many photos at longer focal distances suffered from the lack of stabilization (or is it that I am a poor workman blaming his tools?).

At anything 50mm and under I do not require stabilisation on old lenses, and in daylight neither should you. It's a 28mm for dog's sake!
Could there be anything else going wrong?

I take at least two shots on low burst rate with each framing, 3 shots on my G1.
This ensures me at least one free of any camera shake. You could try it too.

IBIS comes into its own at focal lengths greater than 150 (for me) and in low-light scenes.

However all that aside : every humam on the planet should of course change to the e-M5.

I'll try the 3 shots-thanks for the tip!

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