Had to share - D800+14-24mm in Bacoli, Italy

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Re: question about D800 colors

david_g wrote:

First, it's a lovely image, and am glad to have seen it.

My question though is about colors. In the D800 threads over the past month

i'm seeing a high percentage of images where to my eye, the colors look "animated"...for lack of a better word. Actually i can't quite put a finger on it...but combined w/ the extra resolution, they almost appear as Illustrations...and not Photos?

I'm not familiar w/ Nikon (have only shot Canon), i wondered at first if i was seeing aggressive d-lighting or in camera HDR, or perhaps something specific to NX software ...but you've mentioned using only Lightroom ...so that theory is out the window Are you using local adjustments (boat hulls for example?)

Any thoughts on this? Are you noting overall color differences with D800?

thanks very much,

I think it is people being liberal with the shadows slider in lightroom. In my opinion, this image is subtle enough with it that it adds to scene but I have seen a lot of pictures that go too far. With the massive DR of new sensors I guess that people think that they should recover all of the shadow detail in images but they fail to consider that shadows lead the eyes to the highlights.

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