I think I made a boo boo.

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how do I adapt that to a changing market?

A agree - your package sales should be a bell curve, the top package should be something way out there - makes everything else look like a good deal, lets you explore the top of the market, etc.

With weddings I have no problem.

However, with HS seniors things have changed this year - lots more folks wanting a disk or not wanting wallets, wanting to customize their package.

Not sure if it's me or the market is changing or my competition (who have school contracts so sort of 'set expectations' with kids around the county) but demand seems to be moving toward more 'value' (at least in the consumers mind).

Typical for me 2 years ago was $180 session and 900 package. (highest avg in the county)

Last year I got more $90 sessions with sales at $600 and a bump at $950ish and then several that spent $1400 - my average dropped $50/kid but there were three distinct bumps in the curve. Does that imply I'm appealing to a wider market (low, normal and high end?) I've rarely sold my lower package to seniors but last year sold a lot and this year again seeing it.

Has the market changed in what it wants?
Is my competition doing something (new high end photog?) (not that I'm aware of)

Is my marketing failing to hit the high end, or is it appealing to the low end but they just can't pony up the money (we all want BMWs and Gucci, right?)
Something else? (the economy is and has been pretty strong here)
My senior count is up this year (and no change in pricing/packages)

Just hard to identify the issue, and without identifying it it's hard to formulate a plan to get the results I"m after.
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