AA Battery questions

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AA Battery questions

Hey, everyone!

I'm not sure if this is the right forum in which to ask these questions, but since I own a Pentax K-x, and that is the issue I am trying to resolve, it seemed the best forum in which to start.

I've had my K-x for about two years. I bought two sets of Eneloops back then, to supplement the two sets I already had, which were about a year old at the time.

I always had good response/usage from the Eneloops; they'd last 300 to 400 shots, could stay in the camera for a week without dying, etc.

Oh, and I take good are of the batteries, using either the La Crosse BC-700 or BC-500 smart charger to charge them (intelligent chargers, individual charging circuits for each battery bay), always on the 200mA or 500mA settings. I periodically refresh them as well.

About four to six months ago, I noticed that I was getting quite a few less exposures than I used to, a few as 50 to 100 before the batteries died. I also noticed that the batteries didn't hold their charge, and often would require re-charging after only a day - even if I didn't use them at all.

I figured that Eneloops were just reaching the end of their useful life. I have no idea how many times i charged them, but two sets were at least two years old, and the other two were at least three years old.

I saw that there were NEW Eneloops out, the HR-3UTGA, which supposedly can be charged 1,500 times. The older model - the HR-3UTG, which is what I have - can be charged "only" 1,000 times.

So I bought some - four sets total, from two different suppliers, two sets white, the other two sets that light blue color that you may have seen.

I have had these batteries a little over a month, now, and they are terrible! They appear to function just like the older ones I have, i.e., they only last about a day before needing to be re-charged (even if they were not used), and they can only take 50 to 100 pictures.

I have contacted both sellers, and will be returning all four sets for exchanges.

But this strikes me as strange. I could see getting a bad set, but FOUR bad sets, from two totally different suppliers?

This may be a crazy idea, but is there any chance my K-x could somehow be doing it?

I'm not using the K-x camera any differently these past six months, compared to the 18 months prior to that. I mostly use the OVF, with a little Live View usage thrown in when needed. Some video, but not much.

It's been terribly inconvenient. I was on vacation for two weeks, and I had to carry all eight sets of batteries around in my camera bag, constantly swapping batteries, sometimes after only a dozen or so shots. And every night I was charging nearly every set of batteries I own. (I have two BC-700 chargers, one BC-500 charger, and I just added a Tenergy eight-bay, individual-circuit charger to the mix.)

I've actually been considering buying generic NiMH batteries, and dumping Eneloops. They are making 3000mAh NiMH batties now, which is MUCH more powerful than the ones I used to use before switching to Eneloops.

I liked the Eneloops because, even though they were only 2000mAh, they lasted longer. My Tenergy 2400mAh batteries woudl not work in my K-x even when I pulled them freshly charged out of the charger. So I switched to Eneloops. And, except for the past six months, I've really liked the Eneloops.

When I get the replacement sets of batteries from the sellers, if I get the same results, I'm not sure WHAT I'm going to do...

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to be thorough in describing my problem.

Any ideas, thoughts, or advice?



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