Anyone consider switching to Canon EOS M? Not me

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Not for me, but I see the market potential

Trying to be objective. Although I don't see anything with the new Canon mirrorless to even tempt me to switch, I can see how it's going to sell very well.

It looks like a solid, not spectacular, entry into the market. Depending on your relative attachment to an EVF, a real hotshoe, tilting screen, PDAF, etc., you would probably put the Canon somewhere between the NEX-5 and 5-N. Certainly a better effort than Nikon, agreed?

If we are Sony supporters (and most of us here are), we probably should be glad that this didn't come out a year or two ago, when the huge base of Canon shooters might have kept our NEX's from getting a foothold.

Just an observation: I look a couple times a week at the local c* list ads, and the number of used Canon lenses easily exceeds Sony/Minolta stuff by over a 10 to 1 margin. Maybe a whole lot of people are dumping their Canon gear for m43 or NEX, maybe there's just a whole lot more of it out there to sell.

My speculation is that a lot of people buy entry-level Canon DSLR's and never do figure out how to use them. They don't get immediate pro-quality shots with the kit lens, so they buy another Canon lens or two thinking that's the answer. Many will decide that lugging around all that heavy gear didn't get them much, and maybe they should go back to their P&S (and I'm not trying to disparage them for that, as I'm just a novice myself). But maybe they have a thousand dollars or more in a camera system that doesn't really work for them - are they going to chuck the whole thing and buy NEX or m43, or opt for the "solid" Canon mirrorless and at least keep on using their lenses on that new adapter? Seems like that's an awfully big market compared to the pro Canon shooter who wants a second or third body (and may make a different choice based on performance/convenience).

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