Canon EOS-M: EF-M / EF-S lens future???

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Re: Canon EOS-M: EF-M / EF-S lens future???

Gesture wrote:

Samsung have been doing it; just no one is really paying that much attention. This system has potential if Canon would make compact, affordable prime lens. 16mm, 20mm (DONE), 30mm, 45mm. Would love an EOS-M macro lens.

I totally agree that Samsung's truly impressive efforts have gone largely ignored ... but I don't want to get locked in to an obscure lens system either ... so it never gets my attention. I limit my thinking to the Canon, Nikon, Sony, and 4/3rds lens systems ... which are each robust with good 3rd-party support.

Remember that a major difference for mirrorless systems is that you don't need micro-focus adjust or anything of the kind, so its much easier to use 3rd party lenses reliably.

Unfortunately, macro lenses with decent working distances have to have longer focal lengths (60mm or longer for APS-C) and near-symmetrical designs ... so not much size to be saved there.

The EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM will probably be the EOS-M's go-to Macro option for quite some time.

If they ever get focus peaking taken care of (Go Magic Lantern! ... which also has live view trap focus), then it could be a great platform for the MP-E 65.

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