Reasons to switch to Oly M-5?

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Re: Reasons to switch to Oly M-5?

jujubean10 wrote:

I currently have an Olympus E-P1. I need to justify my next purchase.

There are plenty of good reasons if you do still have an E-P1 :

1) the most important : the EVF ( you were only able to plug in a fixed 17mm OVF on the E-P1).

2) the flip up display screen, which is of much better IQ than the fixed one on the E-P1.

3) the much better, faster AF and the burst mode at also a great step forward : the E-P1 was lagging compared to the Panasonic cameras.

All these three characteristics could also be had on the third generation Pens. Now for what is unique to the E-M5 :

4) a much better sensor and better IQ than in all Pens generations and Panasonic most advanced cameras : somewhat more resolution, but above all, more dynamic range and less noise t high ISOs.

5) an improved IBIS with respect t the former Pens generation and Panasonic bodies.

Well those five would be my main points. There are some others things you may enjoy as well :

6) wheather sealed camera.
7) touch display.
8) revamped menu, more logically ordered.
9) new ways of adjusting exposure of highlights and shadows in camera.
9) flash not integrated, but part of the package.
10) possibility to mount a two parts hand/battery grip.

11) some more artfilters with the possibility to modify them (to attenuate or strengthen the effects).

12) way better kit lens (assuming you want to get the kitlens) the first version of the 14-42mm was really bad. The 12-50mm is weather sealed, wider and longer and seems to offer very good macro possibilities.

Well that is all what comes to my mind. The controls of the E-P1 where already quite good, with two wheels (if you didn't deactivate the four ways wheel). It will be different, probably nt better or worse.

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