5D-III focus ponts invisible

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Re: 5D-III focus ponts invisible

your fine in one shot, I notice no difference from the 5D2

forbaz wrote:

tony field wrote:

Switching over to single-shot mode is a minor improvement only - if the camera achieves focus at least the current focus point blinks in red.

[apologies for hijacking the thread with a sub question]

Can someone with a 5d3 (who also used to have a 5d2 possibly also) please confirm something for me....

when shooting with 5d2 setup for single point AF and one shot mode, when half pressing the shutter (prior to focus being achieved) the selected AF point would flash once, after focus is achieved the selected AF point will flash again (twice more rapidly i think).

Can the 5d3 also not be setup to do this? (mainly the pre focus flash i'm talking about).

I'm interested as this is how I would like to set it up in the event I upgrade.

I do know about the issue in AI servo, but I shoot 99% of time in one shot.

thanks in advance for your help.

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