RX100 questions before I make the leap...

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Re: RX100 questions before I make the leap...

scotbot wrote:

1) Can the HDR and handheld twilight modes be selected when quality is set to RAW, the camera temporarily switching to Jpeg to capture them? Or are these modes disabled as on my NEX-5N?

With RAW or RAW+JPEG, HDR is greyed out, but all the scene modes work, automatically switching to jpeg, I assume. At least this is how it is on my (Japanese version) RX100.

Funnily enough, DRO seems to function in RAW - I had thought that all DRO does is change the RAW-> JPEG conversion curve? If so it shouldn't do anything in RAW, so it must be doing something more sophisticated than that. I haven't experimented with the RAW output yet, as the Sony software is so slow.

4) Is the shutter silent, or at least as quiet as a compact camera?

Unobtrusively quiet!


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