GH2 with Sigma 28mm F2.8-no IBIS should I change to E-M5?

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Re: GH2 with Sigma 28mm F2.8-no IBIS should I change to E-M5?

archdukeguacamole wrote:

I was out for an evening walk yesterday and took my GH2 with an old Sigma 28mm F2.8. I've included some samples that I am pleased with. However the rejection rate was quite high, many photos at longer focal distances suffered from the lack of stabilization (or is it that I am a poor workman blaming his tools?). The EM-5 has IBIS unlike Panasonic.

I guess you mean longer exposure times rather than longer focal distances. With a 28 mm on an MFT camera you should normally be able to manage 1/60 without stabilization, perhaps 1/100 to be on the safe side. And for an evening walk before sunset, there should be enough light for that even at base ISO (as illustrated by the samples you show, where the longest shutter speed you used is 1/100).

Those of you with EM-5s who shoot with legacy lenses, do you find the IBIS effective?

I use only one legacy lens at the moment, a Minolta MD 85/2, and for that particular lens the IBIS on the E-M5 is not very helpful since it misbehaves (at least my copy) with certain lenses at certain shutter speeds (double contours vertically). There's more info in this thread if you are interested:

But the shutter speeds affected by this problem are only partly in the range that would be particularly helpful with a shorter FL like 28 mm and it might be that your lens, unlike my Minolta 85, isn't affected by the problem at all.

The kind of scenes for which IBIS would be helpful at 28 mm are different from those you show though. You need a close to perfectly static scene (or a scene where some motion blur is desirable) to shoot at 1/30 or below. And unless you happen to be out on an evening without any wind, the foliage will move enough to make it blurred.

I really enjoy using old lenses and wish to continue to do so but without too many poor results.

Should I think this a sufficient reason to change to E-M5?

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