Move from D7000 to E-M5 a bad idea?

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Re: Really bad idea because.

Richard wrote:

pgilland wrote:

Richard wrote:

You appear to me you don't know what you want or how to use your equipment. If you are concerned with mirror slap, use the exposure delay mode.

Not really, just was interested to see what others had to say. I never mentioned mirror slap, it was never an issue for me.

Sorry that was a comment from another poster, I got confused.

So you either bought 2 D7000 cameras without thoroughly testing t

Yes I bought them, and enjoyed them over the last 6 months. They're great cameras. I just don't think AF is reliable enough at times. I never keep my DSLR's long any way. Sorry if that bothers some, but I enjoy new toys anyway.

Hey it is your money, it doesn't bother me, if you have the money great, but I am on a budget because I have other hobbies so your decision does not appeal to my sense of logic and reason. You only have them 6 months then you state that you say "D700 for a while, but that might be beyond my budget with glass for it." and
"Right now, partly for financial reasons, " and "no... too expensive, "

It would seem you have financial difficulties yet you appear to upgrade cameras every 6 months? It is your money but I think the reason you might be struggling is not holding on to your cameras for a while.

Not so much financial difficulties, but I budget funds carefully allotting only so much for toys and entertainment. Right now I want more of those funds to go into travel and related expenses. Better to have less in gear both financially and physically to bring with me rather than stay home.

As for struggling, I guess I don't get it. I never felt that I was struggling, or said that I was. Just considering what system would work better for me as my activities change. I never felt that any system was perfect, but have different strengths for different purposes. I'm not one to do one thing forever, I like change personally.

As for testing before hand, don't have a way to do that. You might say I live in a remote area.

I would drive/fly somewhere before I made an investment like that but that is just me.

I could understand that allot of people feel that way. However, when you compare several hundred in an outing to see a camera for a couple hours, vs a couple hundred in loss after selling it. Really, for me doing it my way, I either come out ahead, or a wash. The benefit is that I don't see it for a couple hours, I get to use it for as long as I like. In fact, it's not like there aren't places that I could buy it from, and return within 30 days for a full refund, but I have some moral issue there.

So now you figure you will go and sell your two cameras. But wait, lets consider the D700 for a moment.... no... too expensive,

A D700 and lenses later would mean no return in $$ now, and planning to spend more later. Not exactly what I had in mind financially. I have different priorities for the toy fund coming up.

It's not like the advise I get here, while appreciated, is the sole basis for any of my decisions. Not that I don't have more to learn, that's part of what I like about photography. However, I've spent enough time with D7000, and I'm plenty competent enough to know that it just isn't what I want for my use right now. Therefore, I need to make a change, and I think the OMD might fit the bill well, sorry. It's not that the D7000 isn't a great cam, or doesn't have strengths over the OMD. (I know it has strengths over the OMD, or wouldn't have started this miserable thread to get an idea from others if I could live with it.)

Yes, my biggest gripe with the D7000 is its flaky AF. ...but there seem to be to many others in the same boat to assume that it is completely my fault. At any rate, that isn't the only reason the D7000 doesn't fit me, just the stand out one I guess. Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned it, it's been beat to death so many other places already.

Unfortunately, yes, I will be buying an OMD (or any other cam for that matter) sight unseen most likely.

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