Bad RAW implementation in the NX 20MP cameras!

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Re: Bad RAW implementation in the NX 20MP cameras!

jonathanj wrote:

Can I confirm I understand this correctly? What you're saying is that for the NX200, the NX210, and probably the NX1000 and NX20, one cannot expect to recover shadows in PP at all?

That's right...

If this is the case, I'd have serious reservations about upgrading to the NX20 (which I'd decided to do) given that I routinely shoot in in RAW and tweak exposure - not being able to do this would be a massive shortcoming.

That's exactly how I feel... Except in flat lighting or low-light situation, I usually dial a -0.6Ev comp on my camera to preserve highlights (or you can use smart range, which surely use a -1Ev comp then use a tweaked curve to adjust brightness).
But here, even basic underexposure retrieval cannot be done!

Real-life example (first photo were I've noticed this problem!):
Flat rendering from Samsung Camera Raw:

Shadows-enhanced rendering from Samsung Camera Raw:

Shadows-enhanced rendering from Adobe Camera Raw:

However, I'm trying to understand how severe the problem is. I would almost never adjust exposure 3 stops, as in the example above, so does this problem occur at lower levels of adjustment?

The above example was adjusted with +2.1Ev and should not result in such banding...

Is it really as bad as you say? It's basically not possible to raise shadows in RAW files at all?

Edit: if it's not too much trouble, would you be able to post an equivalent adjustment from a shot with a different camera RAW file so people like me can easily understand how bad the problem is, compared to other cameras?

Here is the same scene, shot with my K5 at its base iso, then adjusted with +5.25Ev in RawTherapee (!).

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