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Re: X10s with new sensors?

Mark H wrote:

Jimrod wrote:

SuperDove wrote:

Where are you? I am in UK and have just received an X10 with new sensor from Park Cameras (s/n 22N...). Also Wex Photographic and Dixons have confirmed that the current stock they are shipping has the new sensors.

Same with John Lewis as of about 6 weeks ago when I got mine...

I'm wondering - how would these retailers know exactly, whether the X10 sensors were 'new' or 'old' versions?

Did these retailers specifically state that their X10s' sensors were the 'new' modified (orb free) sensors - or did they just say the serial numbers are '22N...'?

The link between sensor variety and serial number is just speculation/conjecture - to date, Fuji have not issued any public statement re serial numbers.

Mine was purely luck, I ordered online to collect at store as it wasn't in stock and the 22N model is what arrived (next day). Since that was six weeks back I'd presume that it's most likely you'll only get newer sensor versions from them now.

I expect this to be a newer sensor as 1: I can't reproduce orb behaviour based on accepted settings for it to really show. 2: It came with 1.03 firmware.

I have heard of people with 21 Serial numbers having 1.02 firmware so that seems to be a grey area as to whether newer sensor or not.

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