To those who thought the K-01 was ugly...

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Re: To those who thought the K-01 was ugly...

mrdc76 wrote:


Personally I think it's an OK looking camera, a little bland maybe.I'm sure it will appeal a lot more to the public than the K01! For an APS.

Indeed, the Canon is a true Toyota of cameras, as bland as they get, but still looking pretty much like the rest of the P&S cameras. If the Canon is ugly, then are the rest of its kind. K-01, on the other hand, looks at its best goofy and at worst like a futuristic design from 1970s.

The worst thing you can say about the Canon is that it's boring. (I also think all those tiny cameras with large lenses on the front look ridiculous and are horribly unbalanced in the hand.)

I wouldn't buy one for the same reason I have reservations about the K-01 - no VF.

I'm coming round to the K-01 - looks much better in the flesh than in pictures, and the black looks quite stylish to my eyes. The only reason I am tempted is the focus-peaking for use with MF lenses.

Anyway a lot of people thought the original iMacs looked gaudy and horrible when they first came out .. that's the price of originality.

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