Pentax 555 - finally time to move on...

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Pentax 555 - finally time to move on...

Hello everyone,

After spending many years browsing the Pentax forums and wanting to buy, but not being able to afford, the flagship Pentax DSLR, I now can.

I'm an old Pentax ME Super user but that has been in the cupboard for some years now. My photos of late have been taken with my Pentax 555 (still not bad for what it is, although I can't cope with the tiny screen anymore), and my mobile (Nokia N8, also not bad for what it is, but with obvious limitations).

Fully aware that my photography is light years away from what it could be, I have now finally decided to get my long desired for K5.

The crunch came last night when I was at the Olympic Games opening ceremony dress rehearsal and I was trying to take some decent shots of the event, the stadium, people, etc with my N8 but, whilst I'll have a lot of fun and pleasurable shots, I was very severely limited in two main ways, image quality itself of course and shots for which I would love to have had a substantially longer range.

I'm also volunteering at the games and have access to all venues and have a lot of contact with the athletes. It would be fantastic to have the K5 with me to take full photographic advantage of, what is for most of us there, a unique once in a life time opportunity.

So here we go... I want the K5 now and wish to start off, generally to "feel my way" and see what focal lengths I find myself using, with the DA 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 ED AL (IF) DC WR. The WR may become particularly useful at the games, even though at the moment we finally have some sun in the UK!

My next step would probably be to get a decent prime portrait lens and then see how I go from there.

I've read many threads on the lens I mention and am comfortable with my choice. From what I've been reading though, there are several different schools of thought on portrait lenses, although I'll post again about this at a later date.

I just wanted to ask, though, what you think about my approach, and also whether there is a flash that would be "the one to get". I would like bounce and swivel so is the Pentax AF-540FGZ the obvious choice or should I look at other models, Metz for example. Usage for now would be general, nothing specific, just want the versatility of having flash available.

Finally, I don't propose to use a filter (as protection) but does anyone disagree?

Many thanks,


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