replicating Oly colors in LR... impossible?

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Re: replicating Oly colors in LR... impossible?

gollywop wrote:

spacenegroes wrote:

and i do not particularly want to spend $100 on some kind of color "passport" cardboard square just to get correct colors. surely someone has made a correct color profile for the E-PL2 and uploaded it somewhere?

Sorry, but the passport (or GM CC24) are essential for this process. I like the little passport best because it is accurate and flat (a very important quality for this purpose). If you want good colors from your camera, you're going to have to spring for this card.

can you explain to me why every single person who has purchased an E-PL2 needs to do this? why can't one person do this, create the profile, upload it on the internet, and everybody download it? why doesn't adobe do this, if it only takes like, what, 3 man-hours? it's pretty stupid for every single person to spend 100 bucks to do it, rather than one company to spend 100 bucks and have the colorchecker for every single camera they support.

i really don't believe the color calibration would vary even noticeably between each individual E-PL2 copy.

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