D800 - 24-70 at 70mm, iso 100. Not bad

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Re: looks great but

One more thing and then I am out of here. This is what FTH wrote as a reply in another thread:

"Just finished shooting a music even t with thousands of shots, with both cameras.
All I can say is that the D5100 is a better camera for still photography :
no color cast on the LCD
better accurate AF
Better auto white balance (the D3200 has a huge shift in this regard)

Better auto exposure (even if I mainly shoot manual, when set to Aperture priority, the D5100 nails the exposure evey time, the D3200 is just ok)

WAY BETTER HIGH ISO on the D5100 : you can easily go up to 2500 iso (the D3200 only segments ISO from stop to stop, while the D5100 will let you the choice of fine adjusting the ISO)

The D3200 will shoot noise free up to 200 ISO only, and still, you'll be able to notice noise in the sky. The D5100 seems to share the 16MP sensor from the Sony Nex 5 which is just excellent. The D3200 uses Nikon's own technology (made by another brand, but not Sony). While the D3200 offers excellent detail for landscape photographers, it becomes useless for low light street photography.

Finally, the D5100 offers Time lapse mode, bracketing, customisable picture controls, while the D3200 lacks all those nice extra features.
The turnable LCD is very nice on the D5100 as well, for macro shots, video etc.

The only benefice of the D3200 is the full manual mode in video, but again, it only starts at 200 iso and lacks some direct controls.
If you'd like a real upgrade, go for the D5100."

Damned by his own words...

Sorry for taking over you thread Raul, i am glad you are as impressed by your D800 as I am with mine.

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