My Nex-7 tripod mount is broken somehow from the load of heavey lenses...

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Re: The Golden Rule is ...

... that when the camera is heavier than the lens you hold your system by the camera, and when the lens is heavier than the camera you hold it by the lens.

It is not my intention to be mean, but that damage is self inflicted. It is not realistic to expect the tripod mount in a tiny body like the NEX-7 to hold that rig without damage. Both lenses you mention are very heavy. And hanging out that far will also multiple the stersses on the mount. Your photo should be part of a "What not to do to your NEX-7" tutorial.

I am sorry to see your camera dameged like that, but I hope you will learn from it.

As others have said, get an adaptor with a tripod mount. If you mount your gear through that, your camera will be fully ptotected.

mateo goodman wrote:

I use the MTF Nikon G lens adapter and use my Nikon 28-300mm and 24-70mm lenses on the camera and mounted on the tripod with the RRS L-plate on the camera:

There was a crack around that tiny screw above the tripod screw (I forgot to take a picture of the actual broken mount before I sent to cam to Sony):

Sony would not repair the camera under warranty but was willing replace it with a new body for $750.

Now, I don't know if I'm going to use those lenses mounted on the tripod anymore on this camera...

The whole tripod mount is held together by that tiny screw and it's kind of very weak. Should this camera be strong enough to use these heavy lenses or not?

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