Nikon 135mm f1.8 hopefully Blazing Fast AF? Who plans to buy?

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Re: I hope you are wrong!

primeshooter wrote:

Better focus distance, okay, fine nothing wrong with that. But nano coat? I think you missed the point of the 135 f/2 mate. It's not meant to be a 70-200 show every pore and make the face all contrasty. I hope they don't use it on it. If they do, it's a "general purpose lens" and not as the current lens is, a specialist portrait optic. On CA? Well, you will always get that on a fast lens. To be honest I don't give a damn about CA, I actually think it looks interesting. I like CA and I love spectrochromatism too. Bring on the purple and green fringes. If only to see another topic on here about you all complaining about the wrong things, and putting your effort into the wrong things in photography... Only my opinion of course...

Have I said a word about nano coat? Actually, I don't think Nano Coat is disaster for such a lens. It's more about lens optical design, coatings is only slight bonus. And I'm sure Nikon engineers know how to make great portrait lens - sharp enough wide open and in the same time not too sharp wide open (not as macro lens) with good contrast (you can reduce it in PP by your taste).

Now what about CA... Hmmm. Never liked purple cast in out-of-focus transition zone, especially on somebody's skin. Green cast may look not too bad sometimes as it renders in 'back' bokeh, where usually happen to be trees, grass and so on. But many effects could be done now-days in PP, so the initial picture better shouldn't have it (that's why DC is totally outdated feature).
My two cents...

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