Canon 18-135mm STM Lens - Got it!

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Re: Looks about the same as my 24-105L

Yes at the tele end it absolutely destroys the 18-55 IS based on ownership of the 18-55 and looking at the tele performance of the 18-135 STM. I think from 24-135 this thing is 18mm you may need to stop down a bit but bottom line is its one of the best 18-135 zooms I've seen and its tele performance is really good.

Take a look at the recent samples of the K-30, many at 18mm stopped down heavily...they are pretty bad in comparison and it doesn't get any better on the tele side for them.

The Canon STM is the best 18-135 zoom period and quite frankly probably the best moderate zoom / IQ compromise there is for the money. Instead of a 15-85...based on these samples and your usage...the 10-22 + 18-135 looks to be a solid daylight travel combo.

I just took ownership of the 40mm STM and I'm really happy about its performance, build and AF motor compared to ancient toy motor primes, etc. IMO Canon may not make sensorbators happy rehashing their old sensors...but they will win over a lot of fans and loyalists if they keep producing these really nice high quality lens! I predict the 18-135 STM is going to post impressive tele MTFs. Perhaps a very very solid performance from 24-135...and probably very acceptable at wide-end depending on having realistic expectations, etc.

Hope to see some good performance from the new EOS-M STMs as well...IMO maybe its a taste of Canon's initiative to utilize robotics and basically more modernized tooling in lens production.

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