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Re: Not what Sony calls an SLT...

WilbaW wrote:

stasvolik wrote:

I am completely at a loss why would this be preferable to having PD-AF sensors on the main sensor ...

You're right... if PD AF on the image sensor (PDAFOTIS) performs as well as a dedicated sensor.

I see. still it seems to me that a refinement of something that's already in production at this point is a surer bet, than a development of completely new and complex system. It's a surer bet from technical and business POV, especially since the alternative proposed by you does not offer any clear advantages in the long term. On the contrary - Nikon, Canon et al probably can iterate a couple of generations of PDAFOTIS before getting a version 1 of your system out .

I find it hard to believe that Canon would not do pure PDAFOTIS in the 650D (and EOS-M?) if it were possible (unless it's marketing decision - watch out for the 70D :-)). Instead we got a hybrid mode which uses PDAFOTIS only to make an initial gross focus adjustment.

As mosswings pointed out in http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1018&message=42090216 , there's no reason to consider it a drawback. Au contraire: imagine a world of fast tracking AF with no back/frontfocus issues, no problems of AF sensor alignment (thanks to Joseph for that point), no need for microadjustment... IMHO, that would not be bad at all :).

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Comments and critiques are always welcome .


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