First tennis pictures with the 5D MK III

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Re: I like the ones here more than the other guy you linked..

Rdefen wrote:

I agree with your take on those samples. (But they are good examples of why shooting in the pit is sometimes problematic.) But overall, come on. Is it even close ?

And I'm not trying to diss the OP. I was giving honest feedback.

Okay, I'll also give honest feed back. The OP tennis pictures sucks. Do I sound mean -- yeah, I guess I do. Sorry but, the emperor has no clothes.

Please for the love of God, can we have some really good 5d3 pictures taken by professionals or someone who knows what they are doing? I swear to God, most of the pictures taken here purporting to show the greatness of the 5D3 -- well, most suck. I know for a fact the 5D3 is a great camera, but most of these bad pictures don't really show the 5D3 in a good light.

There, it had to be said....

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