Why Canon is going to win the EVIL market

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Re: Why Canon is going to win the EVIL market

I used Canon gear for the close to 2 decades. I started shooting as a hobby with AE-1 when I was just kid -- bought new and used used for years. That camera holds a very special place in my heart.

I moved on and joined the m4/3s revolution when the GF1 appeared. This was the first camera that excited me almost as much as my AE-1. It had the right size, weight, IQ, options, etc.

Earlier this year, when someone posted the AE-D concepts, I was extremely excited. I thought I would finally be getting the camera I had wanted for so long -- but alas, Olympus released OMD. I tried to wait for the AE-D, but the OMD just felt right. I has a soul to it that just makes me want to take pictures. I'm still working to set the camera up the way I want, but I can rarely let the camera get too far out of my hands. Without trying, I've picked it up daily -- something I haven't done in way too many years.

Canon may have released camera, but they didn't create a game changer. People will clammer for it, until they start playing with it. The packed a lot into a small size, but forgot to add a dose of soul. To me, it feels a lot like the Samsung's -- looks great on paper, but nothing to pull you into it. If they would have released this when the GF1 hit, it may have been interesting ... but this is too little, too late.

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