Thom changes D800 to "Not Recommended" due to Left AF Issue

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Re: Thom changes D800 to "Not Recommended" due to Left AF Issue

ne beginner wrote:

No, the camera is not defective. Some unknown number (25%?, 50%, who knows?) of units have a poorly functioning left focus spot.

Oh boy, where to begin ...

Well, let's start here: is it "poorly functioning" as in unable to achieve accurate focus? Suppose that was the center AF points, all the cross types in the middle, instead? Would you consider the camera to be defective then?

25% ... 50%? As a manufacturer, I'd say either one of those numbers would be would be staggering. In "recall" column, as in a press release, major fire drill, desperately trying to head off more bad press and a class action. I'd say even in single digits, to have a basic function of a camera not working in that many cameras would be an internal nightmare.

The sensor is far and away the best snesor ever put into a DSLR. It produces stunning results. The AF mechanism as a whole is outstanding. The build quality is superb.

But a key functionality used by a high percentage of users is unusable? Kinda takes something away from the whole experience, I'd think.

The camera delivers outstanding results. The problems are annoyances. They don't make the camera defective.

You need to look up "defective", because this is text book. Having 1/3rd of the AF not working accurately, in a manner that anyone buying the item has a right to expect will function as advertised, is not an annoyance.

Using yours (and others') hysterical logic, If I order a Mercedes SL roadster and learn that the video camera to aid rear view when backing the car up has a lens that is not focusing, I should ignore all the world-class capabilities of that car, cancel the order and have a stroke about the video, worrying that the issue will never get fixed.>

This too easy, but you set it up. If the back up camera is not working on your brand spanking new Mercedes, then the back up camera is defective. In fact, I'd bet if you took it right back to the dealer, they would gladly admit it is defective, and replace the camera, or the entire system, promptly. And I'm quite sure if anywhere near 25% of all new Mercedes of the same model were coming in for defective back up camera, Mercedes would promptly announce a recall, and send you a letter to bring it in to be fixed. Or even call you.

Comparing a problem that renders 1\3 of the AF area inaccurate is not an inconsequential annoyance. To use your car analogy, it might be more like if your Mercedes roadster's breaks only work reliably when you are traveling at 35 miles per hour of less, but over 35 and it's like in the old days and your break pads got wet. Sure, you can just drive under 35. With that nice sports car, would that be an annoyance?

It sounds like for you the left AF's don't matter. Or perhaps you don't use the fast glass that and low f stops. If so, great for you. That's not the case for others. Sure, we can work around it. But it's an inconvenience for many to do so. And the camera is supposed to have a working AF, which means all AF points.

i cannot agree more!

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