D800 & DX-format crop mode

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Re: D800 & DX-format crop mode

wymjym wrote:

A lot of valid points have been made and depending on your needs those points might apply to you now, in the future or never. (you knew that)

Thanks WJ.

My take is that when you might be doing BIF shots or other action where the framing is tight…the dx mode is beneficial.

Right. Current situation. I have to crop even more.

That ‘only one extra fps’ is also an increase of 18% in the number of captures. I am amazed at the number of times I have had an action series with just one outstanding posture or certain glance of the eye.

I really don't use high fps but do appreciate your point. I just don't have the patience to scan all those extra shots.

If I am not shooting in an action setting then FX all the way, unless the lens I’m using might be compromised in the corners or with severe light fall off…then 1.2!

Haven't really tried all the potential crops yet, having found DX suits my current and limited bird shots.

As to keeping the d7000, as a backup yes……for the convenience of possibly using two cameras and having two different focal lengths covered – yes – but from my experience with d7000, the d800 has it totally covered and I would not keep it except for backup/convenience.

That's my dilemma right now but it seems this great little photographic tool does not fetch much used.

Glad your X10 worked out, mine was also exchanged but the replacement unit was very noisy…..I sold it off! (end of frustration for the time being)

I was quite happy with X10 but did find the "orbs" disturbing when they appeared. With a Fujifilm provided replacement camera with newly developed sensor many months later I am a happy camper ... and find that it is the best pocket or belt case camera I have used.
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