RX100 - CAN next generation have better apertures at long zoom?

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Re: RX100 - CAN next generation have better apertures at long zoom?

notime wrote:

adhemar wrote:

Panasonic just came out with a 24X superzoom with a constant f2.8 aperture! I thought it was technically impossible.

Could Sony make a constant f2.8 lens in the same form factor?

No I do not think a comparable super zoom is possible with the Sony 1" sensor.

Because of the smaller sensor the FZ200 only has a 5-90mm lens that gives it the up to 600 mm equivalent zoom.

As you know the RX-100 has an appx 10-37mm lens that gives it the 28-100 mm equivalent

An RX based super zoom would need a lens up to 225 mm.  No one makes a constant aperture zoom lens for the Nikon 1. The closest I can find is in the micro 4/3 world, the Olympus 90-250mm f/2.8. It's only 10.9" long, weighs 7.21 lb, and goes for $5,999.

I didn't quite mean it this way. Panasonic has been able to replace a 4.5-108mm/F2.8-F5.2 lens (FZ150) by a 4.5-108mm/F2.8 constant lens (F200). And they did without any significant impact on the lens and camera size.

My question is: could Sony replace the existing lens by, say, a 5-90mm/F2.8, i.e., same range but constant aperture and similar size.

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