What should Sonys reaction to the new Canon have to be?

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Re: Sack the current NEX Product Manager and also look at Full Frame...

parallaxproblem wrote:

They had a two year lead on Canon, but straight out of the blocks Canon are offering the lens many of us have been screaming-for since the NEX launch and a standard hotshoe in a package smaller than the oversized NEX 3F. That togehter wih full compatibility with Canon EF lenses via a simple electric adapter, and a short enough registration distance to support other legacy mounts (like NEX also does) make it a very strong product

The 22mm / f2 on a 1.6* crop? Seems an awful lot to me like the CZ 24mm / f1.8 on a 1.5* crop (Nex). From the images, it seems so far pretty decisive which is better.

So why has Sony just coasted for the last 12 months with the NEX system instead of establishing their system?

Jan / 2012 is the date the Nex-7 was released. The SEL50F18 came out less than 8 months ago, same with the CZ24F18.

Maybe I'm missing something here?
We're also expecting more lens releases at Photokina.

I generally agree, with the same caveat I've previously made: I'm not really interested in native lenses, unless they're significantly better than the legacy lenses I'm currently using.

More fast primes is always a good thing. I'd rather good fast primes than rushed ones, otherwise once again, there's no benefit to me over using my legacy lenses.

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