A-57 or A-65?

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Re: A-57 or A-65?

Well, I guess I have to throw in my opinion on the A65 to balance it out. First off, you can't really go wrong with either camera. I know how unhelpful this will seem as I got the same response when I asked your same question, but In the end, it's going to come down to YOUR preference. YOUR going to be the one taking the pictures so make sure the camera you choose is everything to your liking first.

Now, I LOVE my A65. Yes it has 24MP which makes it nice for using it as sort of a digital zoom when you take a picture, zoomin and crop it, and still have a VERY usable photo. But the reason I choose the A65 over the A57 was the OLED EVF. To me, the A57 viewfinder had too much noise in itself for me to be comfortable with. Whereas the OLED EVF of the A65 is SO sharp that I can hardly tell the difference to an OVF. That alone was worth the 24MP Price difference. That and having built in GPS is pretty darn cool too.

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