How does PureView (N808) technology compare with RX100 sensor & Other thoughts

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How does PureView (N808) technology compare with RX100 sensor & Other thoughts

Have heard an incredible amount of rave about the Nokia PureView technology just as I also have heard raves about the Sony RX100.

The Pureview is only 16.7% smaller than the RX100 so they are relatively close. Amazing how huge that sensor is for such a tiny prime. The raving comments are quite impressive.


Does anyone have both the N808 and the RX100? Love to see a low light flash free comparison of both at the native 28mm at f2.8, and again with the Sony at f1.8.


1. If the PureView technology really excels currently same size sensor and the downsampling is a great method to get rid of noise, I wonder if we'll have future sensors in the 50mp or even 100 mp (full frame) and then downsized.

2. The Nokia's tiny prime is intriguing.

a. It seems like a fixed prime lens like Nokia's could easily be on a tiny camera 1/2 the size of the Nokia or Sony RX100. That would be a TINY camera with solid capability.

b. Alternatively, what if someone designed a camera that has two sensors in one body along with two tiny 28mm and a 50mm or 75mm primes with relatively large aperture and excellent sharpness..... I for one would love that type of small digicam as I'm shooting with primes most of the time anyways. I'm sure I'll get mocked by many for this query but worth a thought anyways. (I'm not easily offended...:)


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