5N: focus box twitches in display (touch focus feature)

Started Jul 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
AdrianGray Regular Member • Posts: 119
Re: 5N: focus box twitches in display (touch focus feature)

I find that when I try to touch-focus on an area with little contrast, the CDAF fails to focus there, and then moves in an out. The focus square bounces around until it finds an area of contrast. Is this what you are seeing?

I've also noticed that with object tracking on, the focus square can actually fly around after a touch-AF failure.

akaRon wrote:

This is probably normal, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

When you touch the screen on the area you want to be in primary focus, the box goes where you touched, but when you remove your finger, the box shudders and shakes.

The box will stop shaking only when you set the focus (press shutter half way). Is this normal? It can be a problem sometimes because if you wait too long it will jump out of the chosen area.

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