The perfect MLC is not born ...yet.

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The perfect MLC is not born ...yet.

Or should i say the MLC with "the best compromise".

The new Canon MLC was long awaited, especially by the Canon shooters, today they are not all happy with the Canon MLC, not what they were hoping for.

I think that the manufacturer are still trying to find the design that will appeal to the majority, with the biggest sensor without making the camera too big or difficult to manipulate.

For my needs there is still no perfect MLC:

  • Olympus (sensor too small), DR and High ISO not as good as APS-C.

  • APS-C sensor cameras, cameras too small compared to the lenses unless you use only the smallest prime lenses... except for the K-01.

  • FF MLC .... if someone do it, it will not be a small camera, maybe just bigger than the K-01.

Some or more appealing to me than others, i really like my K-01, the best comproise in size IMHO.

The Fuji X-Pro is another i would like but MF is not ideal (no Focus Peaking).

Hope Pentax will surprise evryone again with a full featured MLC that is Weather resistant and 2 wheels with Pro performances for those who needs it.

I think we forget that the MLC are very young compared to the SLR and DSLR cameras which are mature designs.

Not all systems will survive, we certainly need to wait at least 5 years to see the MLC more definitive.
Pentax forever

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