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Re: omd full of bugs/quirks

Actually since the whole discussion has been about the OM-D body his statement is correct. There IS NO CA correction AT ALL for ANY lens on the OM-D body. He didn't have to specify that though because the OM-D body (and CA handling in regards to said body) is what this thread and the original statement (which called it a bug) are about.

Anders W wrote:

JohnBGood wrote:

10. no ca correction with panasonic lenses

That one is an inaccurate point, in fact there is no CA correction AT ALL for ANY lens whatever the manufacturer is... And I prefer it that way, I want to be able to correct this myself in post (Lightroom 4) I guess it's something I carry over from my darkroom days

No the point is accurate. Lateral CA is auto-corrected with Pany lenses on Pany bodies but not with any other camera-lens combination.

It's not a major problem though (LR 4 can auto-correct lateral CA for any lens on any camera supported by the program) and it doesn't apply specifically to the E-M5 but to any Oly camera when used with a Pany lens.

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