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Essay: In The Roundhouse

I drove by the old Hammond Lumber Co. rail yards Saturday and the gate was open to the rail yards and roundhouse. Volunteers from the Timber Heritage Association (timberheritage dot org) were working. I'm not scheduled to do my photo shoot there for a few more weeks, but I went in to get a few shots with only the two strobes I usually have with me, FL50 and FL 50r. Having a auto-slave/remote strobe along can be invaluable. Here are a few of the (way too many) shots I took that day. When I do the scheduled shoot, I'll be using a dozen slave strobes bounced off the walls, so the light will be spread more evenly and the sharpness and contrast will be less overblown. Rich

The roundhouse had been used for storage for the last fifty years, since diesel replaced steam. The tracks into the roundhouse were replaced with pavement. That will be undone, eventually.
E5, ZD 12-60, 12mm, ISO 100, 1/250, f8.

Very dark in there with the huge doors closed. This shot with two strobes, one on camera, one hand held. That's an enormous Baldwin 2-8-2 line hauler. For pulling long trains down to San Francisco.
E3, ZD 7-14, 7mm, Fl 50 + FL 50R, ISO 320, 1/160, f5.

Shay articulated truck type locomotive. Designed to negotiate very winding track back into The Redwoods. The steam cylinders are upright on right side of locomotive. They run a crankshaft which sends power through drive shafts to front and rear wheel trucks. The trucks swivel under the chassis, allowing the locomotive to make tight turns. You can see the enormous universal joints in the drive line. And the ring and pinion gears. The ring gear is part of the drive wheel applying traction to the track. Shot with same two strobes, the slave FL 50R set up high on locomotive behind me.
E3, ZD 7-14, 7mm, ISO 320, 1/200, f5.

Three steam cylinders with connecting rods down to the crankshaft.
Same set up as previous.

Rear truck, under the tender, behind the locomotive. Notice the slip fit driveshaft allowing it to change length as the truck swivels. The two universal joints facing each other operate much like the constant velocity (CV) joints in your front wheel drive car which wear out so often.
Same set up as previous.

The other side of a Shay. I couldn't shoot the other side of the first Shay I shot, it is too close to the locomotive next to it, so I used this one, which is the same model. Yeah, they have two of them! Shot with two strobes, FL50 on camera, FL 50R hand held.
E3, ZD 7-14, 7mm, ISO 125, 1/200, f4 (wide open).

Front view of The Shay locomotive. Notice the boiler is offset far to the left of the chassis to make room for the drive line running down the right side. Single FL50 in camera shoe. Standing with my back against a closed door with the front coupler about a foot from my considerable belly. Oh, do I love the ZD 7-14, what a lens!
Same settings as above.

Oops! Note to self: Keep finger off shutter release button when holding camera.

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