What should Sonys reaction to the new Canon have to be?

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Re: What should Sonys reaction to the new Canon have to be?

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Yep, shame that they still haven't released a moderately fast 35mm equivalent lens. I love my NEX7, but it isn't because of Sony's lens support.
Ken in Illinois

Um... What? The 24mm Zeiss is not a 35mm equivalent on 1.5x crop sensor now? F/1.8 not fast enough for you?

Moderately fast. The Zeiss is a tank, I'm talking about a Sony line lens priced accordingly.
Ken in Illinois

This sort of fictional thinking is absurd.

I've seen plenty of threads asking for optically excellent lenses, fast primes, etc.
When they're delivered people complain that it's too expensive.

Perhaps we should all huddle up and request a CA-free, no-geometric distortion, flare resistant, constant aperature f1.4, 8-200mm zoom that's a pancake and sells for $150.

By this argument, the SEL16F28 would be an excellent fit. It has good optics, most distortion / CA can be readily corrected in post (or in-camera, if you shoot in jpeg) and has a sharp center (sharp enough to show moire), all in a small and relatively cheap lens. It's by no means perfect, or the absolute best.

Perhaps you'd rather see a similar interpretation of a 24mm lens, or would that not be sufficient?

It's rather curious weighing different people's desires against reality.

Fictional? That's an interesting word for you to use.

What I would like to see (and I suspect a large part of the market feels the same) is good quality. reasonably priced native NEX primes like the 50/1.8.

You are correct - the Sony 16/2.8 is exactly what I have in mind, especially if they revise the design to take advantage of the NEX7's higher resolution. Canon obviously gets it with the new 22/2 for the EOS-M; Nikon is still out in the weeds with the Nikon 1, but hopefully that will change soon.

I have enough take-no-prisoners lenses - I'd like to see more on the more reasonably sized and affordable end.

I am not sure what kind of fictional superpowered future seeing world you live in where you have already fully analyzed the image quality of the EOS M and the optics of the 22mm pancake. From the official photos alone, it is a terrible lens.

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