CS6 Extended Upgrade vs. Educational Discount

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Re: CS6 Extended Upgrade vs. Educational Discount

Kristi Guin wrote:

Yes, but since there is no difference between the two versions, why would you do that, if you can get the educational discount again?

Isn't there a difference?

If he buys the academic version technically he has a copy of CS5 and CS6.

If he upgrades the academic version to CS6 he just owns a copy of CS6?

Someone above says you can't upgrade the academic version but I thought you could, there is just no academic upgrade pricing? That is, won't a CS6 upgrade key will work on a CS 5 academic?

If you have a kid age K-12 you are eligible. Just buy the software and use Adobe's online verification service. All they want is a some sort of verification, a report card will do (within the last 6 months), if you can't get that you can get a letter from the school.

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