Anybody noticed: EOSM is smaller than GF5

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Re: Anybody noticed: EOSM is smaller than GF5

The Canon EOS M looks like it is designed to hold Canon DSLR owners in the Canon system because the sensor and processor are from the 650D/T4i and with an adapter the new cam can take the Canon lenses designed for Canon's APS-C sensored DSLRs.

Without a viewfinder and without many control buttons and dials, the EOS M does not compete with the other more full featured mirrorless cameras such as the GH2 and OMD E5 or NEX7 or Samsung NX bodies. I presume that Canon will make the EOS M more full featured if they lose DLSR market share to competing mirrorless cameras.

When one considers the G1X as an extension of their high end point and shoot line to compete with mirrorless cameras that owners only use the kit lens with, Canon's strategy becomes clearer:

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G1X for best sensor in a full featured compact camera with zoom lens

--EOS M to keep Canon DLSR customers in the fold. They will buy the EOS M as a second body to use their Canon lenses with. It will be interesting to see how many Canon DLSR owners will be stopped from buying the OMD E5 or G5 by this new offering from Canon.

--DLSRs for serious photographers.

When one compares this to Nikon's strategy with their J1 and V1, it looks like Canon has a more comprehensive plan of attack. The J1 and V1 are going after the soccer Mom market and they have nothing to do with Nikon's DSLRs.

One thing seems clear: Olympus, Panasonic and Samsung are making the best cameras they can with the most value for the money with their mirrorless offerings, while Sony, Nikon and Canon are all holding back because they have other cameras to protect.

P. H. Kahn

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