Do ´full frame´ images have a certain look about them?

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Re: Do ´full frame´ images have a certain look about them?

I shot film for years before moving to a 10D with an APS-C sensor, then onto a 5D a few years later and a 5D Mk III several years after that. Yes, the larger sensor looks different to me, but it has nothing to do with the sensor physics qualities per se (barring better S/N ratio), but simply its size. That is, (1) the larger sensor shows less DOF for the same framing on the same focal length lens* (play around with a DOF calculator and you can confirm this mathematically), (2) it shows the "deficiencies" of an EF lens more readily. By deficiencies, I mean vignetting and softening of the corners. This, again, is only a result of the image circle formed by the lens is just slightly larger than the corner-to-corner sensor length and these are the regions of the image circle that are going to have the most amount of light falloff and softness.

In a nutshell, anything beyond that is more likely in the eye of the beholder. Note that most people can't put their finger on the difference. Personally, I think what I described above is what makes me see the difference between the two sizes of sensors and nothing else. Nothing too complicated or mystical about it.

I never shot EF-S lenses on a crop body, so my comparison is relevant for EF lenses only.

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