What should Sonys reaction to the new Canon have to be?

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Re: What should Sonys reaction to the new Canon have to be?

Just to pour a bit of kerosene into this mix, I (out of morbid curiousity) read Mr. Rockwell's preview/notes of the new Canon. This caught my eye:

By "serious," I mean professional grade. Sony, Samsung, Olympus, Panasonic and other third-tier brands offer lots of mirrorless cameras, but then aren't pro grade; they are just consumer electronics products and usually only with smaller 4/3 sensors (or smaller) and/or lens mounts often with few advanced lenses available

Would help if he knew what he was talking about and stop spreading misinformation. Sony uses an APSC in their Nex range and always have.

My take on the new Canon is that they are where Sony was when they released the first gen Nex3. The initial lens range is similar in some respects. The Canon will only get interesting when they release a Nex7 class camera and lenses of that class as well.

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