Walkaround/Vacation Shootout 24-120/4 vs. 28-300 VR

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Just a personal thought or two...

I've been to Egypt once. Way back in the late 90's. I only had a video camera at that time. But I do remember that you are generaly very close to what you visit (if not standing plain next to it). The Piramids and other structures are hugh. If I would go again I would go wide and not tele. There is actualy not much to photograph from a distance that you want to zoom into.

And you also mentioned the sun. It's generaly always sunny in Egypt. You also may want to take that into consideration.

You may also want to consider a wide fast lens for the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, or the tombs in the valey of the kings/queens. I recollect that you where not allowed to use a flash and lightning wasn't that great.

Any way, hope you have a nice trip. Please post some pics when you are back

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