New Canon mirrorless looks like a hotseller

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Re: New Canon mirrorless looks like a hotseller

brudy wrote:

Have you seen how small this camera is? It's very tiny, about the same or a little smaller than a GF5. There is an ef/efs adapter coming too. I also want external controls and evf so this isn't for me either, but I think it's more targeted at p&s step ups. If it did have an evf, I could see pretty easily carrying my 7D with a long tele and then this thing with a wide L prime. Right now I use my x100 in those circumstances. It would also be great for vacations as a partner with a larger canon body. Some days you just don't want to drag a larger body, so you could bring this with the kit zoom or a prime and you're good to go, with little impact on packing weight. Yet, you can then use the prime on the bigger body if you want. It has potential. But without a vf of some kind, I'm out.

IMHO making a new lens mount for it was a terrible idea. They made this thing as a competitor to the J1, which is also an incredible piece of garbage. I don't know why they would think people would want to choose between a point and shoot and a point and shoot you have to carry more lenses for and can't zoom in as far with...but there you have it.

It should be a smaller camera for SLR users, or for users who are beyond a point and shoot but don't want the bulk of an SLR. That's been the camera people have wanted for least some of us.

Fuji nailed it with the X Pro 1. It's so good. It has its problems but at least it targets the right market.

Who knows, though. Image quality with EF adapter will be a determining factor. I don't know about sales figures for the Fuji versus, say, the J1 either.
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