Considering Pentax and the K5

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Considering Pentax and the K5

I currently have a Nikon D3000 with the 18-55 kit lens and the 35/1.8. I’m considering upgrading to either the D7000 or chaning systems to Pentax and the K5. I’d like to have the following system:

10-20 sigma
Fast normal lens (for Nikon, I already have it).
One off camera flash, connected by cable.

These zoom ranges exist for both Nikon and Pentax, except you kan get WR Pentax lenses for the same price. A plus, of course.

I considered buying into m43 and received the OM-D today. I hated it from the get go. Small, overdone retro look, horrific ergonomics with regards to menus and buttons, EVF not what I excpected, lens too complex to operate. It’s going back tomorrow.

But I digress. Where I live I can get the K5 with 18-55 and 50-200 WR for almost the same price as the Nikon D7000 body alone. Sure makes it tempting. I’ve tried both the K5 and the D7000. Viewfinders seem about the same. But I liked the feel of the K5 better, it fit my hand fantastically, and its button layout also appealed to me more.

I have a few concerns with buying the K5 though:

  • I’ve read that its firmware is slower (menu operation, playback) than the D7000. I couldn’t really see that when I tried it, but it was briefely in a store. It’s important that there is no lag in the menus.

  • Low light/tungsten focusing. I take quite a few pictures indoors in ambient light (usually normally lit rooms). Will the K5 struggle? Or are we talking about very very low light?

  • Lenses. No 35/1.8 equvalent. I guess the Pentax 35/2.4 is the closest you get. About one stop slower than the Nikon. The Nikon 35 is very good for the price, is the Pentax 35 comparable with regards to optic quality? And what about the Pentax 18-55 and the 50-200 compared to the Nikons?

  • I’d like a simple flash setup with one external falsh and a cord. I presume that would be just as easy (or hard) with either brand?

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