Canon 18-135mm STM Lens - Got it!

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Re: Thanks for your honest review.....that's too bad

l am interested in how good the touch screen focusing works. l tripod mount the camera and take portraits of babies, children and families. l have to focus on the eyes them recompose at the moment, awkward when on tripod.. l would like to compose the shot then touch the screen where the eyes are. Will this work efficiently?

Sorry, I haven't tried this yet. I was only interested in really testing out this lens yesterday. I took a few more shots today and have not been as disappointed as I was yesterday. Here are a few of my samples today (obviously I'm not trying to take good pictures). These were all with center focus point. I plan on taking it out again this afternoon. I haven't returned it yet. Who knows? I may yet keep it. Much of what I did yesterday was at the wide end which is clearly its weakest spot. But I am used to primes. I shot almost exclusively primes with my t2i and I think I'm just spoiled.

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