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MINI ESSAY: A Couple Shots from Yosemite Trip

My philosophy usually is just presenting what I see to my audience. It's very similar to Ansel Adams's philosophy. I pre-visualize, put my camera on a tripod, and then I shoot with a setup that will guarantee the sharpest photo possible. I often bracket a dozen shots just to be safe for the most important ones. I post-processed a little bit more this time around than my usual minimalistic approach, partly due to my tight schedule, so I couldn't slowly churn out photos like I usually do. Since Yosemite is a beautiful raw gem any where you look at it, you can't take bad photos here. However, I had the luck of having cloud in California July..., a surprising treat.

1. Close Up of Half Dome from Tunnel View 3

After the mandatory Tunnel View in the style of Ansel Adams, I decided to get a less standard, but more Louie approach with a telephoto. Usually I shoot my grand landscape photos in landscape orientation to exhibit the expansiveness of the land, such as Yosemite, but experience taught me always make a variation with portrait orientation for the most important scenes. This was taken with that thought in mind.

The composition was made with Half Dome should be the main star in consideration, and the V-shape of the valley will contour it. El Capitan and Bridalveil Fall are conspicuously absent from the view. I must confess, the lighting was absolutely in favor of El Capitan given the direction of the sun. However, after some tweaking in Lightroom, this photo I was about to give up holds up pretty well, as it captures the awe-striking essence that makes Yosemite so worthy of repeated visits.

Cropped to 8x10. F/6.3 is the sharpest aperture for E-620/Zuiko 50-200mm SWD combination. Possibly used a polarizer filter. ISO 200. Tripod with mirror lock-up and remote shutter release. RAW developed with Olympus Viewer, and ported back to Lightroom for post-processing work. PPed to resemble Kodachrome (and is based on x=Kodachrome preset, which you can find over the Internet as free plug-in for Lightroom).

2. Half Dome from Washburn Point 2b

In this profile view, Half Dome is looking forward to Tenaya Canyon. The vantage point is Washburn Point, a mid way to Glacier Point. By the time I arrived here, the cloud thickened to a gloomy overcast, giving the diffused ambient light.

I rented Zuiko 14-35mm SWD for this important Yosemite trip, along with a Heliopan polarizer to fit in front of that lens. This shot was taken with that set up. The SHG lens is very capable at rendering everything in edge-to-edge sharpness. For a scene like this, it serves the job right. As an added bonus, anyone who is not a professional (or a perceived professional) will move out of the way when they see the impressively sized lens, giving you the vantage point you are eyeballing.

For the proper depth of field, I put the focus on the pine trees, if my memory is correct. Tripod job with mirror lock-up and remote shutter release. f/5 to maximize this lens's optimal sharpness range and desired depth of field. Converted to B&W. A color version was also made.

Hope you guys enjoy these photos. I don't think I can move to m4/3 just yet.... It's the lenses!


LouHolland wrote:

This weekly thread is a STAGE and TRIBUTE to all Olympus FourThird DSLR Cameras from the E-1 till the E-5 and all DSLR's inbetween. So this is our special "Olympus DSLR PHOTO Thread only" .

This thread will appear every monday late afternoon and is open for submissions and dicussions about photos and processing technics untill the next Monday.

ONLY FourThird DSLR Cameras , So, No..other Brands and No..Micro43 , please respect that.

Instructions: Photo's, any kind, any date, any processing etc.

1. Reply to this post and change the TITLE.

2. Please tell us about how you captured your image.

3. Show written exif if possible.

4. Please Share if possible and asked your processing technics or technical stuf.

5. ESSAYS : If you contribute an ESSAY please let the first word in your TITLE be the word Essay, followed by the subject line.

6. Please reply to at least one other contribution.

7. Enjoy all the wonderfull Olympus FT 43 DSLR Images in this thread


Thanks for joyning and your contributions this week.


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