Aperture can't render OM-D raw files well

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Re: Aperture can't render OM-D raw files well

Thsny wrote:

Thank you for your reponse.

Yes, I used auto WB. I can globally correct the WB using the skin tones or Grey WB tool in Aperture, which corrects the magenta cast. But a big issue is that further fine adjustments are not possible as in some cases the sliders are at their maximum (they are actually at a value that could not be reached without using the color picker).

If you click on the area with the number and use that is if it was a slider you can often go further up or down than you can when you use the slider handle it self. BTW it has been like that in many versions of Aperture.

My workflow now is then to use the color pickers in the WB "zone" to reach an approximate WB, and then to play with curves and colors to get what I want... which is not ideal at all. It may just be better for now to use jpeg instead of raw.

In the OPs photo the main problem is mixed lightning. Here it might be an idea to brush in the white balance on the face.


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