Thom changes D800 to "Not Recommended" due to Left AF Issue

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Re: Thom changes D800 to "Not Recommended" Wake up Nikon!

Ok so let me understand this....

Under a certain set of conditions; wide-angle of 35mm or greater, a aperture of 2.8 or larger, AND using the left AF points, My photos will not be sharp.

After going through my LR catalog of more then 31,000 photos the number of photos that fall into these parameters are 6 (all shot in the same set).

what I'm saying is this:

I have 2 D800's. One of them has the left AF issue (#30213XX for those keeping track)
After spending this much money does it bug me? You bet!!!

Does it Affect me? 99.9% of the time....No....not really. To me, its like the 3 dead pixels I had on the back of one of my 700's. those things made me nuts

I wanted to see how the other half lives because I shoot most of the time in AF-S so this last weekend I shot AF-C....Auto/3D. 2500 images with a 14-24 or a 20-35. Sea gulls at the pier and 3 age 12 and under soccer games. Not one of those pics used the left AF point and the ones around it were sharp enough for print.

I will send the body back to Nikon in time. Let the tech papers and training become second nature to all the service people. I have 10 months left. If they can't fix it.....well I guess it will be a 16-35/F4 for me (if I need it).


To give up the detail, color, and DR in a body for such a small issue that literally has 100's of workarounds (even a fix) is ridiculous.

Also I believe most here just suffer from "Equipment Hypochondria" especially the ones who don't even own a 800

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