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ScreenPatronus screen protectors

Dear All:

i've struggled with this over the years as well, and tried many many types of screen protectors: hard plastic/polycarbonite-like material, as well as film type.

Unless I were protecting a DSLR like my D700, i prefer always the film type. With the DSLR, I feel that it depends on how one uses one's DSLR and that has its pros and cons, so to each his/her own.

With this particular question, vis-a-vis the RX100, there's no question in my mind that the film type of screen protector works the best.

I've also tried the Zagg ones over the years, and have found that they are overly reflective for me, and they detract from the overall experience of using the camera's LCD. The Zagg ones are a thicker type of film, and have a bit more "opacity" than i'd like. i don't mean that they are milky opaque, but they have so much shine that, in effect, there's that opaque feel to them. On top of it all, their top surface is not entirely flat, much to my surprise. There's a bit of an egg shell-esque surface to them, albeit high gloss and not matte like an egg shell.

My preference over a long period of trying different types is now the "screenpatronus" film/membrane type of screen protectors. they are very thin, comes 3 to a package, and every camera has its own custom-cut sized protectors. you just go to screenpatronus dot com and select your camera and order it. i've found them to be very responsive to customer needs. i've emailed a lady by the name of Bridget and she's responsive to all my questions.

i took a quick mobile phone picture of my latest package of RX100 screen protectors from them which just arrived! i have not yet had the chance to put them on my RX100 yet, but i included in the picture my S100 with the protectors on, so y'all can see what it looks like "on" the LCD.

hope you guys have similar experience with screenpatronus as i do.

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