D800 - 24-70 at 70mm, iso 100. Not bad

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Re: looks great but

FTH wrote:

The only stupid reaction is the one coming from who never tests anything else and keeps believing in his own myths. The 14-24mm may be a nice lens but they are DX equivalent lenses that will outperform it in terms of price, look at the Sigma 8-16mm for example. Now I am speaking about IQ and you are deviating the subject on extra camera features and DX crop modes. Who cares about a DX crop mode if people can pay 1/6th of the price, invest in cheaper, lighter dedicated DX glass to obtain the same exact results ? This is a question that many persons should ask themselves before jumping blindly in the FF boat. Many advanced shooters will also invest in micro 43 (some excellent lenses around) and the slight sensor size difference doesn't matter at all : sensor technology is what counts today, more than sensor size. Also, you dont get sharper depth of field on a FF camera for the same F stop, it is the opposite. The D800 shares a close Pixel pitch 4.88µm for 3.9 µm for the D3200 (8.45µm on the D700) and both AA sensors are pretty weak. Diffraction will start quite early on both cameras but my tests (that I am establishing right now) prove that the D3200 is offering the same IQ, between ISO 100-800 and global sharpness hits its best score around F7-F8 on most lenses.

Here's an exemple shot with a budjet lens (tamron 17-50mm VC F8) :


Now it is up to you to stay in your fantasies

You are a troll. Get back in your cave.

People here want the ability to have SHALLOWER depth of field - as in more background blur. That is why we have big cameras with expensive heavy lenses. For someone who knows more about cameras than the rest of us, you should really understand that. I can imagine your lens test results; "I don't like this f/1.4 lens because when I shoot it at maximum aperture I can't make out what is in the background". I would probably take Ken Rockwell's opinion over yours. Thanks for suggesting the micro 4/3rds system, maybe you should re-read my first comment where I told you that I already had one. I don't know why I got drawn into this stupid conversation. If you refuse to accept there is a difference then I am sure no one on a forum will convince you.

Have fun doing your tests. I am sure they will provide you with hours of riveting entertainment.

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