D60 > D5100 and Dynamic Range

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D60 > D5100 and Dynamic Range

Hi, Can't say I'm an experienced photographer but I am learning courtesy of reading this and other boards.

I started with a D40 and then moved to a D60. I use the camera in two distinct ways:

1) 'Professionally' taking studio set shots of my ceramics with graded background, incandescent spots/diffusers, tripod and all important C/Pl filter. All of these are taken in Manual and I think I've become pretty good at it. They need very little PP other than dust or a more extreme hotspot on a particularly shiney glaze.

2) For my hobby (which I love) and which is mainly landscapes withthe occasional historic building. For this I use particularly a Sig 10-20 with ND and Nd Grads. In buildings I often use a 16-85 VR. Either way I always seem to have to do quite a lot of PP to get a good, rich image ( I guess I mean one with w wide DR).

The main problem seems to be Shadow noise and unspectacular highlights. I'm just not into HDR, have never seen one that appeals and have the Nik HDR software but find I don't use it.

I think I've got some good glass : the 16-85 is tack sharp, the 10-20 is a good copy and I have a 17-70 Sig which I know will seem like doubling up on the 16 but it does take a better pic of the ceramics. Also have an 18-135 which is plasticky but pretty sharp.

My question is: am I, perhaps through narrow experience combined with a basic Cam running into techno limits? Can I improve, without doing so much PP, using the same kit and/or would life be a whole (emphasis on that) lot easier moving to a D5100? Money is always an issue for me and I certainly can't run to a D7k but I gather that the sensor is the same in the 5100 which is approachable for me.

Sorry for the low res but I only have Tiffs and Low res for eamil. also apologies for doubling up but I haven't posted images here before.

I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who's made this move.

All the Best,


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